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I've got a new invention:

Also: I'm constipated with some unfinished digital work-The fan in my laptop stopped working and You would not BELIEVE how hot this puppy gets anytime i open photoshop. I'm serious here. If you touched this thing- If i grabbed your hand and forcibly held it to my laptop, I guarantee you would think, "OH JEEZ. This thing is really hot. It's searing my hand! My God, Let me go. Please!. Oh God- Oh Shit. He's going to kill me. He's burning me alive. I'm going to die here and - AUGHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHH !!!!" And that makes me worried that it'll blow up and leave me with some horrific facial scaring, so I'm using it sparingly. But I ordered a new fan, from "The Orient". When that arrives I'll get to make believe that i'm some sorta computah expert as unscrew and then re-screw a bunch of tiny little screws. B^) Here's the Take-a-way Tech advice: DON'T SMOKE CIGARETTES WHILE USING YOUR COMPUTER.


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