We're just about on the Verge of getting this site Up and Running! Oh, What's up? You're reading this right now? Which means The Site IS Up and Running? Wait- And you're saying that this is the best website you've been on since Stickpage.com in 2004 ???? Damn, Son (or Daughter) ((Or Non- binary,/non-gender conforming offspring)) THAT'S TIGHT. And I'm glad you think so. . But keep in mind, this is just the GRAND (re) OPENING Of This Site, so it'll just keep getting better and better! I've a secret X-men Comic, highly illegal, that I wrote and drew, which I'll be posting on the site soon enough. AH, yes: I've an instagram account once again. Please follow me @FRUNTPORCH : ^) Very Cool. & Stay $w33t - FRuNTPoRCH!