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Well, I have to make my fortune all over again...

It almost seems like it never happened. And yes, I suppose to everyone else, it hasn't; But I remember. I had a V.I.P. invite to Fan Bingbing's birthday party. I was racing in a competitive Go-Kart league with Elijah Wood. There was an exorbitant amount of romancing of Pop-stars, (many of which have achieved "billboard" success with songs about me). Hell, I even had Terry Gross's personal phone number. and NOW? Well, i'm in THIS reality. YOUR reality.

And I guess mine, too, as it goes.. but HEY, I don't want to complain here. It's not a big deal. Really. I don't even wanna "get back". It's probably a blessing, really. Sure, it was fun, but none of it really meant anything. It was all so fickle. I'm just letting you know, Dear Reader, that I'm RE-rolling up my sleeves, and my nose is going back to the grindstone, to do real work. Steering the reigns of a NEW destiny, for I am still, as Dakota Fanning once put it, a "Bad-ass Draw-er". (Don't ask. She won't remember). OH, and just a lil' tip for you; If you're out, rubbing elbows, at some cocktail-party with the reptile elites of silicon valley (and the other various "masters" of the "free" world), Do NOT do that nose-flicking "Gotcha" gag with anyone. Period. Just don't. They will erase you from existence, ENTIRELY. . . . . . Or, actually, DO do it. . . . . .



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